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- Baron you licked there too, huh? – Anna asked.
- Yes. Dear sister. Oh how nice. But you better do it. Oh how nice, yet please do so. Anushka, you own the best sister. Anna let me look at you. Kiss me on the lips. Spit in my mouth. Baron always spitting. Oh nice, like. Pinch my nipples.

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Vadim then stopped her. He approached her, Veronica closed her eyes in anticipation of the kiss, but Vadim turned her face to the wall. All eyes still closed, Veronica felt that he raises her hands and wrists are threaded through the loops fixed in the wall. Veronica immediately opened her eyes and tried to understand what he was doing.

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But I liked the urban bustle. It invigorates and revitalizes interest in everything that is going on around.
Reaching my daughter’s dorm, I hardly squeezed through the narrow passage turntables and climbed onto the floor.
Daughter met me in the room, kissing on the cheek. Classes at the institute have already ended, and we had plenty of time to socialize.
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