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Avdotia grandmother began to slowly move towards Igor. Sidorov jumped off the box and tried to slip into the passage between a cleaner and a toilet wall, but slipped and fell right on the mop.
Rapidly rising, he was captured strong hands firmly combat grandmother.
- Let me go! I’ll scream! – Igor wailed.
- Do not, my dear, do not cry! ..

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Horrible place! I would never have thought of this, but my mind eclipsed rage and thirst for revenge for what happened …
I’ve always been a silent, humble. I was rarely seen outside the walls of the academy, where I study. Because of this, most of the associates avoided communicating with me, not to mention the fact that it does not add popularity among girls.

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She wore a light yellow summer dress – looked for his aunt 48 years just gorgeous. While we hugged, caught my eye at the neckline dress – with a fourth size, dressed in a white bust, my mouth began to fill with saliva, and pants became crowded.
- As you grew up, my boy, – exclaimed Aunt. – As in the case at the institute?
- Everything is fine.
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