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As then, Ol’va felt young woman, but it was slightly different. Director, she is not the least bit afraid. And now felt fear …
Pause interrupted Bisha:
- You are a new teacher?
- My name Ol’va, I hope that we will become friends. And now I would like to know about your knowledge.
Bisha told her about my education.

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Nataha left for a week to study, I had the same time fun. I was drawn to the city F outhouse. Where I left notes: ‘The guy is licking etc’. I was lucky a couple of times and I really licked, and so often under or taverns in the city offered the women drunk and greatly enjoyed licking not washed, smelly cunts, drunk asshole heifers.

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So cool! Initially hurt, of course. But then, when the stomach starts to vibrate, such a thrill!
- Now, look here! – Nicholas said, and led me to the open vagina. – How is it?
I could not believe my eyes. Uterus, which was earlier half, now standing up clearly on the three or four centimeters.
- Wow! – I was surprised.
- That’s right, brother! – Nicholas laughed. – And do not ever pay attention to their moans.
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