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Decided to pretend to be a fool.
- About me.
- About you? Hmm … do not remember that I have ….
At this point, she passionately kissed me on the lips. So I’m not kissing passionately ever. More language created insane traffic in my mouth, I answered her the same. As if we merged. She hugged me so that my dick already risen rested her skirt.

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But I’m willing to bet on it – Lena said.
- On that bet? – Dima asked puzzled.
- The fact that Serge could not bare to come … and thought for a moment.
- Whence come from something – said Dima.
- No, not from the city, but I know where – already awake but intoxicating voice said Lena and casting a look at me and smiled.
- Why can not, and I bet I can – already quite drunk and I said reaching out his hand to the Lena, to argue, stretched out straight at the table.
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