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At this point, as if my thoughts podslushiv, Maxim said:
- Not be better to go into the bedroom and undress. I think that it would be more convenient.

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Since the beginning tried to lower her skirt down, then tried to close his hands, all under the smiles and cheers from the sofa.
- What are you doing, stop it!
- Well, Mary, I know you like it, you just made for sex, listen to yourself.
And really, even though I was indignant, but did not feel anger, I even liked that the two on the couch staring at me, at my pussy under her panties.
- Let’s take off her – Arthur undid her skirt, and she fell to the floor, I took a step forward, stepped through it, and was a foot away from the couch, in a short beacon and panties.

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then she took her panties and stopped up his mouth ….
It is becoming a side several times before patting his cane on the buttocks …. and that swing and whip for the first time in my life falls on his ass, he trembles all over, on the buttocks appear red stripe, another blow …. and more ….. rod uniformly lowered leaving behind more and more new tracks, making ten punches it throws a rod and pats him on the ass, not hard slaps, leans forward and says softly to him:
- it was only ten strokes, and will be even thirty …..
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