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- But where?
- And, that’s at least here. – Hera pointed to the floor in front of him. – Do not directly spray everything, Bring Little bitch bottle.
I did not care anymore. I sat down in front of Hera, pestering Picea beer bottle, Sica I cautiously, afraid to miss, I flowed from a trickle to a quiet murmur.

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I held his hand, it’s byo I need throughout the act, so I felt it better. With one hand he stroked my chest … I moaned … Then he slowly pololz at me up and kissed me and I felt his cock, he rested in my pussy. I blinked. I do not know why, but every time he entered me in the beginning of the process I was wildly painful, but I endured.
-Ready?-He asked cautiously.
-Of course, darling, ‘I replied, though afraid of getting hurt again.

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Oh tears!
- What are you yelling! It you have not closed. Round three-liter bank will.
- Fall below.
- Does not go anymore, she already hanging.
- See how taut, cool! Below you better pictures.
- Is not. Lubricate necessary. Wipe the bottle on her feet.
- Better on sprats. Lift it higher.
- In! Shove her a pair of sprat in the ass!
- Come immerse!
- Boys, only slower!
- Yes, gone!
- In the cool guys!
- Let go, let herself further.
- Well, let’s get up.
- About the bank is a good idea, we still have two days to go, should have time to stretch …
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