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We came to rest in a cozy boarding house, located in the picturesque places – on the shores of a lake surrounded by pine forest. The air rang with coolness and cheerfulness, instilling optimism, serenity and complete recklessness. Read more

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I came, or together with Ira Alla Ivanovna … Alla Ivanovna were worthy of lovers, of course they have, and we tried them ..
During the study tried a lot …. so, that by the end of study I had nothing to surprise a lot of that was … I still … (… if you like the way I have described, and you like to chat, posekretnichat, want correspond and exchange cases, write podruhcarambler) A year has passed after the first time I give the man (see my story “First Dacha”) I loved to suck cock, the pope feel strong, hard dick to feel the pope stream of hot sperm
In general, I liked being a woman But Vadim left, and the other partner as it does not find it only in Scenes (sinful-sometimes watch), exchanged a few words and boys in bed in real life than what homosexuality is considered shameful and people hide their desires Well , oh well, I want to go to the essence of my story
Began a new holiday season and I found that the country is very stove smokes and it is impossible to heat and because I am a complete layman in this business, I began to search for masonry neighbors suggested to me that in our housing estate are tents and live there gastrobaytery who undertake any work the evening I went to the car there and he showed me on a low (152-154cm height) skinny Tajik Pohnakomilis his name Sabir went with him to the country, he said that pechku make 2 days, discussed the price and I brought a couple of days all the material
3 days later I stopped for Sabir and we went to my dacha wife during repair furnace refused to go to the country, saying that there will be a lot of dust and soot Sabir And I started to work dressed in his usual clothes dacha (bare torso and tight little shorts) I must say that despite the fact that I had already passed for 40 years, I figure sozhranil younger guy, smooth skin and bloodshot, rounded buttocks
Pursuing a business in the country, I sometimes catch myself attentive to the views Sabir aimed at my ass evening I took him in Sabir tents and went to the cottage Over dinner took a couple of liqueur glasses of vodka and I was reminded of views Sabir “And why not?” I thought the next morning, bringing Sabir, I put myself on the men’s thong that barely covered ass Now I caught myself on the greedy and lustful looks Sabir
I myself tried to turn to him so that my buns were seen in all its glory the evening, Sabir graduated rmont oven and I asked him to wash up in the bath and mark the end of repair While Sabir washed, I put together on the table nemudrenyh starter and put a bottle of vodka 750gramovuyu Sabir came out of the bath in satin shorts family (I thought that these are no longer extant), I stayed in a thong After a couple stacks Sabir said that he was married (he 32goda), has 3 children and teeter on Russia in search of work that would feed family home is very rare
After the third stack, Sabir has openly staring at my thighs and buttocks I decided to push the situation and asked that probably very hard for so long to be without a woman Sabir said that it is very difficult I decided to escalate the situation further and said that he heard about the East like and there love to have men in the ass Sabir said that if someone is so lucky and find someone here this man, it is normal
And then I decided to set the record straight “and” asked, but if you Sabir, so lucky? Read more